How To: Crack crab legs and get the meat out in one piece

Crack crab legs and get the meat out in one piece

This video from the website What to Cook When shows us how to crack open the crab legs and get the meat out of them. Firstly starting with the cluster of legs, simply grab one of the legs and break it off of the cluster. Now simply grab the leg and starting with the joint, break it into half and pull it apart. Then take the middle section which you just broke and put your fingers right in the middle of that section, crack that one leg and then flip it over and crack it the other way. And once you separate those pieces, one piece will come off the leg but the excess of the meat will remain in the other half. Then grab onto the meat and just pull it out. Now you can use meat by dipping it into some lemon butter and you can have the crab piece. With this it's done.

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