How To: Make Cajun-style fried shrimp with crab étouffée

Make Cajun-style fried shrimp with crab étouffée

In this tutorial, Beryl Stokes shows us how to make fried shrimp with crab etouffe. First, make some crab etouffee from any favorite recipe you have. Once you've made this, prepare your batter for your fresh shrimp. First, take a package of Fish Fry and add in a spoonful of flour, 1 tsp of seasoning, 1 tbsp sea salt and mix this together. Now crack 1 egg and milk into a separate bowl for an egg wash. After this, grab your fresh shrimp and dip it into the egg wash then the dry flour and then fry them until they are golden brown. Once finished, place the shrimp onto a plate and spoon your crab etouffe over the top of them and you've got a delicious meal!

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