How To: Make healthy baked crab cakes with Ellie Krieger

Make healthy baked crab cakes with Ellie Krieger

Who doesn't want to enjoy a nice big bowl of freshly fried crab cakes on a warm summer's day? These bite-sized shellfish goodies are delicious, sure, but they definitely not as charming on your waistline. If you still want to fit into your bikini without giving up crab cakes entirely, then this is the perfect crab cake recipe for you to make.

This baked crab cake has half the fat and is a lot more flavor than normal fried crab cakes. Host Ellie Krieger adds vegetables to make the dish healthier, including scallions, pepper, and jalepenos.

This recipe is all about flavor. This video is part of Ellie's Healthy Meal Makeovers 2010 show hosted by Ellie Krieger.

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