How To: Cook Japanese octopus scallion karashi sumisoae

Cook Japanese octopus scallion karashi sumisoae

In this clip, learn how to make a very authentic Japanese recipe - octopus scallion karashi sumisoae. This dish is full of veggies, fish, tofu and spices and tastes incredible. Don't be afraid of it's long winded name, the recipe itself is actually quite easy.

You Will Need:
*100g Wakegi - Scallions (3.53 oz)
*50g Boiled Octopus for Sashimi (1.76 oz)
*1/2 Aburaage - Deep-Fried Thin Slice of Tofu
*1/2 tbsp Sugar
*1/2 tbsp Vinegar
*1 tbsp Shiromiso - White Miso
*1/2 tsp Karashi - Japanese Mustard

serves 2

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