How To: Cook Jumbo Tiger Prawns on the Grill

Cook Jumbo Tiger Prawns on the Grill

Here's a great little video from a recent trip to Portugal (the Algarve) cooking some huge prawns over coals on the grill.

Known for their amazing seafood I decided to pop to the local market and pick up some seafood. I didn't know I'd have the choice of about 8 different types of prawn. So prawns it was to be.

Jumbo Tiger Prawns were the choice, and with such a great product I wanted to keep things simple.

The recipe involves grilling the prawns over the charcoal and then drizzling in the salt infused lemon (a wonderful technique you'll repeat

time and time again for fish/seafood).

Step 1: Prep the Grill and Lemons

Such a simple dish, just set the grill to medium/hot (you should be able to keep your hand 6 inches above the grill for about 2 seconds max) and slice the lemons in half and cover the exposed flesh with sea salt.

Now watch the video for the rest of the cooking method.


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