How To: Devein and brine shrimp with Simply Ming

Devein and brine shrimp with Simply Ming

Ming Tsai with Simply Ming explains some shrimp basics. When you prep shrimp, you have to de-vein it, and you have to take the shell off. First cut off the head. Take a knife and slice sideways through the shell. Take out the vein, then get 3 bowls of water and add salt to 2 of them. After de-veining, put the shrimp in the first bowl of water. Keep adding shrimp until you get about a half pound of shrimp, or however much you wish to cook. Then peel the shrimp, and put it into the second bowl. After you peel them, put them into the third bowl of clean water. Now they're ready to work. For home cooking, to save all this work, you can pick up shrimp that are already peeled, cleaned, and de-veined.

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