How To: Cook Thai-style shrimp cakes

Cook Thai-style shrimp cakes

This video is about how to cook Thai shrimp cake. The first step that you will have to do is to peel the shells of the shrimps off. After peeling the shells, the next step is to blend the shrimps. Then the next step is to stop the blender once the shrimps have become smooth enough. And just simply put the salt, sugar, and pepper. Then blend the shrimps again. After blending, place the blended shrimps in the freezer for fifteen minutes. After 15 minutes, prepare the frying pan. Before dipping it in the frying pan, get a part of the blended shrimps, flatten and round it. Once you've shaped it, dip it in the bread crumbs then fry. Do the same for the remaining blended shrimps. Once it has turned to golden brown, place it on a plate with tissue paper.

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