How To: Devein shrimp the right way with Chef Bibby

Devein shrimp the right way with Chef Bibby

This video demonstrates the method of deveining shrimp: i.e. removing the digestive tract from the shrimp. The digestive tract runs along the back of the shrimp. For this, you will need large raw shrimp, a knife, First, you will need to remove the shell. Peel it away by starting in the center. Once the entire shell is removed, using the knife, cut a slit along the entire length of the back of the shrimp. Use the knife to help you slide the vein out. Alternately, if you have a deveiner, this process can be made simpler. Insert the deveiner into the tail end of the shrimp and slide it upward. The deveiner peels and deveins the shrimp.

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