How To: Shuck an oyster using an oyster knife

Shuck an oyster using an oyster knife

This video shows you how to shuck an oyster using an oyster knife. First, wear a metal mesh glove, used for protection, in case you slip-in and cut yourself, on your left hand. Then take the oyster shell on your left hand and pick the knife on your right hand. Then point the knife tip towards the shell, dig it and jiggle it in between the shell, and then grab the oyster from the wedge and twist the knife till the upper and lower parts of the shell are separated from each other. Once the two parts are separated, wipe out the knife against the piece of cloth, cut the shell from the sides to separate the upper part completely, so that we get all the meat in one piece. Then separate the oyster muscle attached to the lower part of the shell. Now, you can eat this oyster meat as raw, or use it otherwise in any combination.

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