How To: Purchase good mussels and prepare mussels with french fries

Purchase good mussels and prepare mussels with french fries

We're the ultimate foodies, but when it comes to preparing shellfish we get more than a little intimidated. Requiring heavy duty shell removal using knives and knick knacks that look like they belong in a doctor's office, the task is usually one who choose to skip.

But after watching this video, we fear the shell no further. Check it out yourself to learn how to purchase high quality mussels, how to prepare them, and how to make mussles with french fries. Yum!

This week, Shea Hess explores the magical world of mussels. She talks to Davis Herron from The Lobster Place about what to look for when buying mussels. Then she travels to Sel de Mer restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to talk to owner/chef Jeff Slagg for an up close and personal lesson on how to best prepare this delicious shellfish. Finally she takes you into the kitchen for a quick and simple mussels and french fries recipe that's easy enough for any home cook to prepare.

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