How To: Prepare and grill lobster tails

Prepare and grill lobster tails

If you're not quite sure how to prepare your lobster tails Andy from the Lobster Gram test kitchen will show you how prepare an exceptional tail by boiling for half the time and then grilling the rest. You can use an outdoor or indoor grill for this method.

Step 1

Boil live lobster in salt water for seven minutes. Boil frozen lobster for three minutes. After lobster has boiled, remove it, let it cool and pull of the head and claws. It is best to use rock lobster instead of Maine lobster, because you will have to find another use for the claws of a Maine lobster or they will go to waste.

Step 2

Place the lobster on its back and make a slit into its undershell, cutting into the meat slightly. Place a skewer which has been soaked in water for 30 minutes through the lobster. This will keep it flat on the grill.

Step 3

Insert butter into the opening in the meat and spread butter around the rest of the lobster with a brush. Add any other seasoning you wish at this time as well.

Step 4

Spray the grill with non-stick cooking spray. This will keep the lobster tails from sticking to the grill.

Step 5

Preheat the grill to medium heat. It is important the grill does not get above medium because a hot grill dries out lobster tails. Prepare the lobster tails for the grill while it is preheating by wrapping them in aluminum foil.

Step 6

Place the lobster tails on the grill. Grill them on each side for about five minutes until their center is opaque. Keep the lobster tails away from flames so the meat does not dry out. If grilling on a charcoal grill, move the lobster off to the side away from the charcoal.

Step 7

Serve lobster tails after they have cooled for about 10 minutes.

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