How To: Make seared scallops with orange & jalapeno

Make seared scallops with orange & jalapeno

Seared scallops with orange and jalapeno are a quick and easy appetizer to try. The ingredients in this dressing will surprise and impress your guests. It may be just the right holiday recipe.

Dressing: (Enough for 4 scallops)
2 small jalapeno peppers
1 orange
1/4 Cup rice vinegar
2 tsp. olive oil
1/2 tsp. sambal (red chili paste from Asia)
4 day boat scallops (You want this specific scallop because they are not soaked in water. If you do get the water soaked scallops, they will boil instead of sear and the results will not be optimal.)
1 tbsp. vegetable oil
1 pat butter

In a small bowl, prepare the dressing ingredients. You will slice off the sides of the jalapenos, leaving the seeds and pithy part of the pepper. Dice the green sides of the peppers very finely and toss into your bowl. Add the rice vinegar and sambal. Add the great orange pieces. Toss all together and set aside.

To sear the scallops you will want to use a heavy stainless steel pan that has been preheated on high. Reduce heat and add oil. After coating the bottom of the pan with the oil, add the scallops. Cook for about 3 minutes and flip them over, then add butter. During this last minute of cooking, spread some of the dressing on a plate, then add scallops. Salt to taste.

Approximate time: 15 minutes.

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