How To: Make grilled lobster

Make grilled lobster

Beryl Stokes shows us how to make 'Grilled Lobster', in this video. She begins by making butter sauce, taking some butter in a saucepan. As the butter melts, she adds the juice of half a lemon and a tablespoon of minced garlic. Subsequently, some chopped green onions are added and the mixture is sautéed for a couple of minutes. Next, she takes two lobsters tails and turns them over. Using kitchen scissors, she cuts them open from the center (you could cut the topside if you prefer). Using a knife she widens the cut. She then places the lobsters on a platter, butters them generously with the butter sauce, using a grilling brush (a paint brush can also be used instead). Some garlic powder and sea salt is sprinkled on the lobsters, along with steak on the platter. Thereafter, they are placed on the grill, with metal skewers through each lobster tail, to prevent them from curling. The steaks are cooked for 10mins and the lobsters for 5mins on each side. The grilled lobsters are then placed on a tray. The remaining butter sauce and some lime juice are drizzled over the lobsters. The grilled lobsters are ready to be served, along with cooked steak and steamed asparagus.

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