How To: Make an ebi fry (breaded, fried prawns)

Make an ebi fry (breaded, fried prawns)

Dogs teach you about unconditional well as how to fry some mean prawns. At least they do so in this recipe video.

Take a look to learn how to make an ebi fry, or breaded, fried prawns. The batter consists of Panko bread crumbs and an egg, ingredients which are much healthier than your normal fried bread crumbs.

Serve up these prawns with homemade tartar sauce (instructions also in the video) and you'll be dipping and nomming your way to foodie heaven.

Ingredients fo Ebi Fry
(serves 2)

6 Frozen Black Tiger Prawns
A pinch of Salt
1 tbsp Potato Starch

- Batter -
1 Egg
? tbsp Water
2 tbsp Flour
80g Nama Panko - Moist Bread Crumbs (2.82 oz)

- Tartar Sauce -
1 Boiled Egg
2 tbsp Minced Onion
2 tbsp Minced Parsley
1 Small Pickled Cucumber
2 tbsp Mayonnaise
? tsp Salt
2 tsp Lemon Juice

80g Cabbage (2.82 oz)
2 pcs of Parsley
4 Small Tomatoes
2 Lemon Wedges

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