How To: Make an easy & quick shrimp scampi

Make an easy & quick shrimp scampi

In this Food video tutorial you will learn how to make an easy & quick shrimp scampi. Boil noodles. Take two tablespoons of butter and put on a pan add two tablespoons olive oil, three teaspoons minced garlic and chopped onions and stir till they are light brown. Now add in the shrimps, add two more tablespoons of butter. Once the shrimps turn light pink, remove from the pan and put in a bowl. To the pan add a few squirts of lemon juice and half a cup of white wine and stir for a while till the ingredients are done. Drain the noodle. Add shrimp to the pan, wait for a minute, add the noodle, mix well until it is ready.

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