How To: Make campfire lobster tails with The Lobster Man

Make campfire lobster tails with The Lobster Man

In this video, Dan the Lobster Man instructs on how to make "Campfire Lobster Tails." Dan starts out with two New Zealand coldwater tails. First, he instructs us to quarter some lemons. To open the tail, take the tail and push down on it - you should hear the shell crack. Take a pair of lobster shears and cut in the middle, breaking the tail a little more, and slice down the middle of the meat. Take the melted butter and pour it on the middle. Squeeze some lemon juice in there as well. Butterflying makes it cook a lot faster. Then, put the lobster on the aluminum foil and wrap it up. Put a lemon wedge in the foil too on the side to steam it up and make it more juicy. Wrap the lobster in the tin foil and put it shell side down on the fire. Lay them right on the fire and cook them for about 10-12 minutes. Use tongs to take the lobsters off. Make sure not to overcook the lobsters. Let them cool down, and then open them up.

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