How To: Cook stir fried praws with curry powder and eggs

Cook stir fried praws with curry powder and eggs

In this video, we learn how to cook stir fried prawns with curry powder and eggs. You will need: fresh prawns peeled and deveined, ginger, garlic, black pepper paste, curry powder, white sugar, spring onions, onions, red chilies, two fresh eggs, roasted chili paste, chili paste oil, soy sauce, and oyster sauce. First, crack two eggs in a bowl, then add in the soy sauce, curry powder, sugar, oyster sauce, milk, and red chili paste. Beat this together, then heat up a wok on medium heat and add oil. Add in ginger, garlic, and black pepper paste to this and stir around. Add in curry powder, onions, then the prawns. Stir these around and then cook until finished, adding water if needed. Add in the milk and egg mixture, then mix until eggs are cooked. Then, add in the vegetables and cook again until fully combined and serve!

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